Monthly Archives: June 2015

If you’re learning Gaelic, it’s helpful to keep track of what other folks are doing out there so you don’t develop tunnel vision about the language community. One interesting learning resource under development is the eDIL, the electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language. I interviewed Dr. Sharon Arbuthnot about the dictionary project. What does an Irish dictionary have to do with Scottish Gaelic? Read on!

With this post I’ve decided to poke a bit of fun at those of us who are learning Gaelic as adults. Based on my experiences of learning Gaelic over 25 years in both Scotland and North America, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most common types (or stereotypes?) of adult Gaelic learners. Learning a language this way is called Second Language Acquisition (SLA) in linguistics. These days we are also called “New Speakers” in sociolinguistics. Academic study aside, though, we can still laugh and appreciate each other’s gifts and flaws. What kind of Gaelic learner are you? Depending on where you live and how you’re learning, you might fit into more than one category — or none of them!