Monthly Archives: October 2015

What’s the Scottish Gaelic translation for Wendy? Translating names can actually be complicated. Gaelic name translation raises larger issues about what can be translated, what could be translated but probably shouldn’t be, how we do translation, and why people want certain things translated. This post gives the history of the name Wendy that all the baby name books get wrong, and offers 6 different suggestions for translating Wendy into Gaelic.

Today, as I write this, it’s World Communion Sunday. My church, the United Church of Canada, observes this ecumenical celebration. How does this relate to Gaelic? Bear with me. The Bible reading and sermon for today’s service was Matthew 12: 46-50. This passage reminded me strongly of a message (lay sermon) that I wrote and delivered for an ecumenical Gaelic service at the Log Cabin Church in Loch Broom, Pictou County, Nova Scotia in August 2012. My brief Gaelic sermon explains how Gaelic speakers might want to rethink our concept of a “Gaelic family.” Although my message was directed toward Christian attendees, the secular aspect of the message may be interesting for non-Christian readers to consider.