Here’s a list of free online resources for exploring Gaelic in Nova Scotia. Some of the resources are good for Gaelic language learning, some for learning songs or folklore, and some for history and research projects. I decided to compile this list because although the resources are free and publicly available, you still have to know where to look for them – search engines can’t tell you everything!

The English language bears traces of historical contact with Gaelic: we explore Gaelic loanwords in English, and the influence of Gaelic grammar on English dialects.

A post focused on the intersections between LGBT and Scottish Gaelic people and language, including a free mini Gaelic lexicon with LGBT & related concepts.

Can a Gaelic song change your life forever? Here are ten of my favourite solo artists and groups who sing in Scottish Gaelic, with links to purchase their work and support the language. Perfect for gift-giving, or for learning more about Gaelic language and culture any time.

What’s it like to attend a Scottish Gaelic milling frolic in Halifax, Nova Scotia? I’ll “waulk” you through it (pun intended) with videos and photos!

What does the remembrance poppy symbol have in common with the situation of Gaelic?