Gaelic in Disney/Pixar’s “Brave”

by May 19, 2013

As some folks may already know Celtic Life International magazine — which is based here in Nova Scotia — published my article on the use of Gaelic in Disney/Pixar’s film “Brave” in their Spring 2013 issue:


"Gaelic in 'Brave'" in Celtic Life Magazine


This article is now available for free on their website! So if you haven’t had a chance before now, then please take a look and let me know what you think. I’d still encourage you to buy a subscription to the magazine, and of course if you like the article, then please write to them to say so!

UPDATE: I’ve also archived the article in my repository on

The online version also includes a sidebar with the interesting transatlantic history of the Gaelic song “Tha Mo Ghaol air Àird a’ Chuain” which was featured in a trailer for “Brave.” The sidebar was omitted from the printed version, so it’s great to see it in print on the website!

I’ve created a free YouTube playlist with real examples of how Gaelic was used in the film, including the trailer just mentioned. The playlist features introductions and analyses that expand on some of my points from the article. It’s great to be able to extend the discussion from the printed page into video, where it really belongs.

Celtic Life Magazine cover

Having said that, I’m enjoying the time while this issue of Celtic Life International is still on the newsstands… because it’s the only time I’ll ever be between the covers with Ewan MacGregor!

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