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Psalm 23 in Scottish Gaelic

Recently a reader in Cape Breton asked me where to find Psalm 23 in Gaelic. If you’re not already part of a Gaelic community or taking classes, it can be hard to find! This post offers a video of us singing the metrical 23rd Psalm, the text of the metrical and regular Bible versions, and more information about the Gaelic psalm singing and the Gaelic Bible, including the new free app and translation.

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Nova Scotia Gaelic Online Resources

Here’s a list of free online resources for exploring Gaelic in Nova Scotia. Some of the resources are good for Gaelic language learning, some for learning songs or folklore, and some for history and research projects. I decided to compile this list because although the resources are free and publicly available, you still have to know where to look for them – search engines can’t tell you everything!

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Contrasting Gaelic Identities

I put on my anthropology hat, dust off a previously unpublished conference paper, and look at how different Nova Scotia Gaelic users orient to place in culturally Gaelic ways, in the construction of their Gaelic identities.

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My Big Fat Gaelic Wedding

Having a wedding ceremony in a Celtic language is fairly rare nowadays, but we were excited to try. Let me tell you the story of My Big Fat Gaelic Wedding (A’ Bhanais Mhór Ghàidhealach Dhà Rì-ribh agam)!

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The Ogham Alphabet

I interview linguist Dr. Conor Quinn about the Ogham alphabet, how it relates to Irish & Gaelic, and what to be aware of if you’re using it in a tattoo.

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Learning Scottish Gaelic

Maybe Scottish Gaelic is a part of your family heritage, or you’ve had a longstanding interest in Celtic cultures. Perhaps you were intrigued by a beautiful song, or by the words and phrases in Outlander. Whatever the reason, you may be thinking about learning...

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10 Gorgeous Gaelic Voices

Can a Gaelic song change your life forever? Here are ten of my favourite solo artists and groups who sing in Scottish Gaelic, with links to purchase their work and support the language. Perfect for gift-giving, or for learning more about Gaelic language and culture any time.

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