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Gaelic Crowdfunding

In the last couple of years, Scottish Gaelic language groups and organizations have started to use crowdfunding as a method of fundraising for language revitalization projects. Alternative methods are sometimes needed because in the English-dominant world there never...

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Too Old to Learn Gaelic?

A reader emailed me with this question: “Hello, I am interested in learning Gaelic. They stopped teaching it at secondary school the year we started, in 1959. I am also somewhat deaf and have to look at people’s mouths when they are speaking to me. Is it too late for me to learn Gaelic?” I’m so glad you asked this question! The short answer is: it is never too late to learn Gaelic! Read on to find out why learning a new language such as Gaelic provides a host of benefits…

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Gaelic Education in Nova Scotia Schools

This post offers a look at the current state of Gaelic education in the province of Nova Scotia. It also lets Nova Scotia parents know what they can do to try to get Gaelic taught in their child’s own school, if it isn’t currently offered there. For several years I've...

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Raising Gaelic in Nova Scotia

Two Gaelic flag-raising ceremonies on Wednesday, April 27 marked the start of Gaelic Awareness Month in the province of Nova Scotia. The first ceremony was for the city of Halifax and it took place in the Grand Parade at the heart of the city. Mayor Mike Savage and...

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Advice for German Gaelic Learners

  People are learning the Scottish Gaelic language all over the world. You might expect the countries to which Gaels emigrated in the 18th–20th centuries to be among the places where Gaelic language learning is the most popular. That is indeed the case, but another...

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A Gaelic Nativity Play

I love the controlled chaos of a children’s Christmas pageant. Nothing ever goes exactly how it’s supposed to, but it’s always hilarious and heart-warming. In 2011 I wrote a Gaelic nativity play for Gaelic learners, motivated by the desire to integrate more family activities into the Gaelic events calendar.

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